The Deputy of Arcis - Honoré de Balzac
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The Deputy of Arcis

By Honoré de Balzac

  • Release Date: 1850-01-01
  • Genre: Romans et littérature


This book deals with the political happenings in the contemporary society. This lengthy novel is set in the aristocratic French society, which boasted of its political awareness and knowledge. Like the other stories written by the author, he begins to describe the setting of the town in the opening chapter of the novel. It is his style of writing which gets momentum from the surroundings and ambiance and then leads to the characters one by one. In the opening chapter of the novel, the author begins to describe the town of Arcis sur Aube. The story revolves around the Deputy of Arcis, passing through various timely and untimely adventures and debates during lengthy narrations. The story is divided in three parts.